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Bi-Folding Doors

The Vinyl Folding System brings high quality contemporary styling to the vinyl doors market. Designed to appeal to the needs of a broader market, the vinyl system performs well in all environments, matches popular vinyl window packages and is the ideal solution for home renovations and new construction.

  • Energy efficient, high quality vinyl doors that withstand outside elements
  • Narrow 2 15/16” stile and rail profile for more glass and light
  • New exclusive hardware package with contemporary styling available in stainless or bronze finish
  • New exclusive handle with contemporary styling available in white, stainless or bronze finish
  • No finishing required and low maintenance
  • Sill options that suit weather exposure or flush floor transitions from inside to outside
  • Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security
  • Up to 6 panels
  • Wide range of glazing options for improved thermal performance
French Doors

French Doors

French & Swinging doors are the most common style of door. They feature hinged panels that swing open and closed. They are available in single panels or multiple panels. The direction a door swings, either to the right or the left, is called the handing. In addition to handing, exterior doors are identified as either inswing or outswing depending on whether they open into the house or towards the outside.



Multi-slide doors have more than one moving panel aligned in a row. When open, the panels either stack side-by-side near the edge of the opening or tuck into a wall pocket. Some multi-slide doors are available with push-button motorized operation.

When several panels are combined, vast openings can be created, reaching heights up to 12 feet and spanning widths over 50 feet. When closed, the stile of one door sits behind or in front of the stile on the door next to it creating one narrow sightline instead of two. That means even when closed, these enormous floor-to-ceiling expanses of glass create extraordinary, panoramic views that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have one or more door panels that open by either gliding on a track or hanging from rollers mounted above. There are several types of sliding doors including multi-slide door, bi-fold door, barn door, pocket door, lift and slide door, and patio door, sometimes called a sliding glass door.

Unlike swinging doors, which require space to be set aside for the door panel to open, furniture and other household items can be placed near a slider. Exterior sliding doors typically feature large panels of unobstructed glass and are sometimes called panoramic doors. Massive openings can be achieved with sliding doors, which can open up a home and create a stronger connection to nature and the outdoors. Large openings are also perfect for high traffic areas like the passageway leading to a patio during a backyard get together.